Bombzone V0.8.0f1 (Alpha 5) released

 It's done, the next release of Bombzone refueled is published...

Right at the beginning many thanks to my eager Betatester  Scarlet, Schwen, Schröder Ecki and Lars. Even after such a long time of playing they are still searching and trying to find tirelessly my hidden Bugs. There would be more undetected mistakes in the game without the help of theses examinants ;)

Let´s switch to the new version now.
It is about the 5th alpha version of “Bomzone refueled”. For some reason a long time has past from the 4th to the 5th version, but it will continue, that´s the main thing ;)

The following features are added or changed:

The menu had to be reworked and adapted – another time (thanks to the change from Unity4 to Unity5).
Multilingualism is a consequence of the modification (German and English)
Other languages will be setted gradually.
The menu of the game settings were adjusted in a large-scale manner to make the game more manageable and logical.
Here you can turn on antialiasing and different funny retro-visual appearance. Everybody who wants to turn back to ancient-classic Amiga graphics can play with 640x480  :)

The game graphic/design was reworked slightly, the “Extras” are renewed completely, and so are some graphical effects like explosions and  Beamer (new update).

Statistics and administration of the game:
Now it is possible to create own players and playerlists, though this feature is currently only provided after generating an online-account. This account is for free and your data are safe.
You would think: Oh no, another compelled online-account -
but there will be an offline database in the future. At the moment, on the present stage of development, it is much easier for me to care for the database in an online way.
Actually, you are not forced to create an online-account. The game works anyway, except for playernames and stats.
You only need an online-account for game statistics and for using your player at your friends.

The steerage of the game is completely new created. There had been significant problems with Xbox controls and with more than six players at one computer.
Besides, slipping around corners works more fluently because of the upgraded controlling.

Several new “Extras” are added:

BORDEREXTRA – If the player leaves the field sideways, he will get on again at the opposite side.
BEAMER – If a player sets a target somewhere on the field, he can beam there from everywhere at any time.
STONEBOMB – The stone-bomb can be kicked through Boxes in combination with the “Kicker”.
STOPPER – The wicked/nasty/bad “Stopper” is dedicated again. If a player collects this Extra, all the other players will remain motionless for a short time.

Features of the playing-field:

Arrow-field – Arrows which are visible on the ground change the direction of the rolling bomb. Pay attention, there are arrows that turn around  ;)

Seesaw – A classical seesaw: Put a bomb on one side, jump on the other side and the bomb will fly highly onto a new playing-field (try it with other players, too).

Robot - At SciFy Theme a small Robot is moving across the grid and fire flashes and bombs from time to time :)

![alt text](

A new Theme “Scify” has found its way into the game.


Classic- and SciFy-Theme got new “Blocklayouts”

Have fun and write me if you have ideas for improving the game or if you have found any “Bugs”.


Here some videos:

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